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The O'Hair Sandbrushed™ Finish

The shifting hue and undulating pattern in the grain of a genuine hardwood shutter is a source of natural beauty. The O'Hair Sandbrushed™ finish accentuates the grain by revealing the natural contours of the wood. Unlike the rough, abrasive sandblasted approach used by others, our sandbrush™ system uses rotating fabric brushes that create a smooth, gentle relief, resembling ripples of sand on a pristine tropical beach.

The Sandbrushed™ finish is available for all shutter styles, including center tilt panels, Horizon Tilt™, Pattern Horizontals™, Quarterburst™, and GrainSelect™. A full range of standard and custom paint and stain colors are also available.




Privacy, Light Control and Architectural Integration

The precise matching of the shutter design and finish to the existing architecture and décor provides the look of master planning. In these photos we see the seamless integration of light-blocking, dual tilt rod Pattern Horizontal™ shutters into a kitchen and a living room with windows and matching balcony door, thus providing perfect privacy, precise light control for those beautiful hill country sunsets and an unobstructed view.



























Mortise and Tenon Joinery

Moreland's shutters feature the ideal blend of computer-controlled precision millwork and traditional reinforced joinery. Rather than using simple dowels and glue, we construct our shutters using screw-reinforced mortise and tenon construction.









Inner Beauty, Inner Strength

One of the weakest points of a typical shutter is the connection between the louver and the tilt rod. Our shutters use louvers constructed from solid  bookmatched hardwood, which provides plenty of holding power for our premium #304 stainless steel staples. This is not the case with many faux wood louvers, which are often formed from moulded plastic with a core made of foam.


Even so, the weakest point with most louvers is not the louver itself but the tilt rod. The simple fact is that a normal tilt rod simply doesn't have the thickness needed for a staple to get a solid grip. This is not an issue with O'Hair shutters. This is because, rather than using a staple in the tilt rod, we use a solid metal strip that is permanently embedded within a slot in the tilt rod. During assembly the continuous tilt linkage is threaded through the louvers and then bonded to the tilt rod, forming a solid reinforced unit.


At Moreland's we do not see a shutter as a commodity product but as an investment for a homeowner. It is because of this that we construct our shutters, quite literally, to last for generations. This is how we can provide a transferable limited lifetime warranty - a warranty that is good for the life of the home, not just the homeowner.


Horizon Tilt™ Single Tilt Rod Option

The O'Hair Horizon Tilt™ option has recently expanded to include a choice of either the standard twin or the new single side-mounted tilt rod design. Our standard twin configuration, with tilt rods that nest into the stiles and completely block the gap between the louver and stile, offers total light blockage when closed, as well as an unobstructed view when opened. The new single tilt rod option includes the nested design with a sleekness that is enhanced by a tilt rod that is trimmed to the louver spacing.

A chronic problem with hidden tilt systems is that the louvers fall out of sync for windows taller than four feet, which means that you have to manually close each louver for a uniform look  Unlike any hidden tilt design, we offer the option of full-height tlit rods for windows as tall at ten feet - with louvers that stay in sync from top to bottom.







A Touch of the Exotic

Add a touch of eclectic elegance with just the right shutter. Rather than having a home in which every room is largely the same as every other, when you give each room a distinct personality it adds a refreshing quality as you move about your environment.

In this example a cool-toned monotone scheme is enhanced with the addition of ebony hued Townhouse™ accordion shutters. By adding just the right selection of understated decorative pieces, this turns a rather self-conscious room into an exotic statement with a distinctly European feel.









ContinuousTilt Rod Linkage



It is an astonishing fact that many shutter manufacturers tell their customers that the tilt rods on their shutters are only for synchronizing the angle of the louvers and should not be used as a handle to adjust the louvers. They tell their customers to adjust the angle by moving the louver, not the tilt rod. This is like a cabinet maker telling a home owner that drawer handles are only for decoration and should not be used for opening the drawer.

The reason for this is that they attach their tilt rods to the louver with a wire staple in the tilt rod. As the tilt rod is not very thick, the staples must to be extremely short. The long staples in the louvers themselves may be reasonably strong, but the short staples in the tilt rod can easily pull out. In fact, this is the most common failure seen in wooden shutters from other manufacturers.

This can never happen with an O'Hair shutter because we use a continuous metal linkage that is embedded into a slot in the back of the tilt rod.


Not All Windows Are Created Equal

√ĘÄčEvery window opening is unique, and this includes sets of seemingly identical openings in the same wall. We measure every opening and designs a shutter or venetian for each individual window, achieving a look of perfect uniformity while concealing any irregularities in the openings. This attention to detail is a basic requirement for achieving perfect integration into the existing architecture. In addition, Moreland's offers the largest number of custom fit options available. For example, in the above design a plain untrimmed opening is enhanced by choosing a shutter frame with integrated trim.