made in america from
responsibly harvested
genuine american hardwood
serving Corpus Christi since 1972
premiere dealer of o'hair shutters
Custom interior shutters provide superior insulation, light control and privacy. We set the standard for quality and dependability, and our interior shutters are built to last a lifetime.
very best

Moreland's Custom Shutters is the designer's source for custom designed genuine American hardwood plantation shutters. We are family owned and operated, and we have been shutter specialists for over forty years, with a solid history of excellence in design, manufacturing, service, and innovation.

Our staff has extensive experience in shutter production, field installation, customer service, and project management. Our work and our shutters are the highest quality available and we guarantee our interior shutters for the life of your home.

We offer a wide variety of exceptionally well-built American hardwood interior and exterior shutters. Our interior shutters are protected by a transferrable limited lifetime warranty that is good for the life of the home, not just the original homeowner. Our thermally modified exterior shutters are the most weather resistant hardwood shutter on the market. Here are some examples of our work.

Did you know that our interior shutters offer a transferable lifetime guarantee? Visit our news page to view more interesting facts, customer comment and to and the latest news from Moreland's.

featuring our
exclusive life-of-home
transferable lifetime warranty

O'Hair Customs

Custom crafted to each individual order, O'Hair Customs™ are made in America from responsibly harvested and carefully seasoned American hardwoods. Standard features include monolithic pinless louvers, edge-grain / edge-glued construction, screw-reinforced mortise and tenon joinery, Stabilouver™ tilt, inset framing, and unmatched control of light and privacy.

  • beautiful designs
  • rock solid construction
  • ultra strong louvers
  • custom matched finishes
  • precision measured
  • seamless installation

The precision of our measurements and the wide range of custom mounting designs, along with precise color matched finishes, serve to integrate your shutters into your existing décor as if they were part of the original architectural design.

the toughest
most weather-resistant
exterior hardwood shutter there is

O'Hair Exteriors

Our new line of exterior shutters features the same range of styles and design options as our best-of-class interior shutters, but are constructed from thermoset heat modified hardwood and assembled with special components that make them the most weather- and pest-resistant hardwood exterior shutter available anywhere.

  • wide range of styles
  • custom matched colors
  • reinforced joinery
  • thermoset heat treated
  • extremely weatherproof
  • totally resistant to pests

You can choose from any combination of fixed or moveable lovers and raised panels and in sizes up to 50" x 133" and louver spacings of up to 5". Our super-druable KEM Aqua BP enamel™ paints are custom matched to your specifications and we also offer a special oil finish with the look of rich, dark walnut.

ulta light-tight,
amazing widths & spans,
unmatched child safety features

O'Hair Venetians

O'Hair Venetians™ represent a complete rethinking of the concept of venetian blinds. Our special design dispenses with the traditional headbox and uses a special side- mount system and tenoned slats within guide channels. The result is an amazingly light-tight design with side gaps of only 1/32". They also offer breathtaking spacings of up to 5" and spans up to 10' x 8'.

  • american hardwood
  • spans up to 10' x 8'
  • slat profiles up to 5"
  • no holes, 1/32" side gaps
  • boxless side mount design
  • breeze resistant

Another stellar feature is the internal lift and tilt system employing ultra heavy duty bead chains and integrated hold-down, making them the most child-safe venetian blind on the market. They are the only venetian that is endorsed by the independent consumer protection organization, Parents for Window Blinkd Safety.